International Artists

2015 Arts District Alliance “Uniting the World through Art” exhibit features the work of four gifted artists from China and four from the Los Angeles Downtown Arts District.

Edward Chung

Edward Chung

Born in 1965, Beijing

1999  “3040” Art Center, Hong Kong

2002  “Demo” Group show Central Academy of Fine Arts,Beijing

2003  “Old is New” Pingyao International Photography Festival

2005  Serialized in Chinese photography magazine and published articles

2009  Founded ME Art Gallery, Beijing

2011  “Camera & Photography” Seminars National Geographic magazine

2012 “The True” ME Art Gallery, Beijing

2014  Invited by the Dali Museum of Photography as Consultant

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Dadi Liu

Liu DaDi

Liu Dadi is a photographer that captures the history of photography in his prints and at the same time gives us his unique sense of place with his images. Shortly after his graduation from college in 1982 his love for photography lead him to join the top magazine, Popular Cinema, as a photographer and art director. Later he left the magazine and started his own business. In 1996, after his great success in business, he started the first motor sports club in China, Fengniao Club. He is the fist Chinese racer to take part in the Paris-Dakar Rally. He engaged in many road trips, Tibet, Altyn Mountain, Beijing to Moscow and more. These trips inspired him to go back to what he loved, the photographic arts. In 2006 he resumed his photography career and accomplished several series of work titled Far Away and Hometown. Liu then turned to the historic photographic processes to reflect his artistic vision. He built up his own large darkroom to make it suitable for his ultra-size prints.

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Jijiang Guo

Guo Jijiang

Guo Jijiang is one of the top photographers and journalists from a controversial newspaper in Guangdong. Guo is a legend. His work reflects the chaos of Chinese society and the decline of the traditional Chinese culture. His works will be featured at CM2 Space in LA Art Show.






More works by Guo
Tinly Wong

Tinly Wong ( Huang Tianci)

Born in1955, Hong Kong

1988 –  Exhibition 「Mountain Country」; Canada – Vancouver Central Library.

1994 – 1°Award「Another Day 」; France – 1 er Circuit Francais International Salon.

2000 –  Exhibition 「Mountain Country」; China – The Art Gallery of Guangdong. Province.

2004 – Gold Medal「Care of Love」; 21st  China Photographers International Association International Salon.

2004 – Gold Medal「Celebration 」; 14th  P.S.S.M. International Salon of Macao.

2007-  Exhibition「The Loss of Impressions」;  Hong Kong City Hall.

2008 –Exhibition「The Loss of Sight」;Hong Kong Central Library.

2009 – Exhibition「The Loss of Street」;Hong Kong Central Library.

2010 – Exhibition「The Loss of Street」;Hong Kong Photo Festival , Former Central Police Station Compound .

2010 – Exhibition「The Loss of Tibet;Hong Kong Photo Festival , Four Dimensions-Contemporary Photography from Mainland     China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau, Hong Kong Arts Centre.

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